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This is my fandom blog, my artdump site, cosplay diary and sometimes my rant page.

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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun :: The cast + Tanuki


these puppies believe in you, and you should too



if you spell skeletons backwards it still spells skeletons

Man I can’t wait for Halloween to see some snoteleks

Kpop Concepts: Big Bang
T.O.P Version

It’s meaningless without you

makoharu alphabet // insp


Sorry for the huge delay! (again sob) But finally: here’s my little sister’s reactions to episode 10 of Free! Eternal Summer!

This is one of her favorite episodes of the season so far because it has her favorite character in it (Fish Master, of course), so naturally she had quite a bit to say about it. Not always nice things, but funny things nonetheless, right? … yes, she is a bit of a dark child ahaaa…

Episode 11 is coming soon! In the meantime, check out her other hilarious reactions here!


have you ever tried to do art and you just



HORI-SENPAI??? ?? pls be my senpai